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The Lymilark Legacy: Year 1 - Spring

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Kristeil (Founder):

Well, it’s my first week in my new life. I’ve got a nice piece of land, and very little money to my name. Time to try and make it work.

For a job I managed to find a place hiring for painting. It doesn’t pay a whole lot, but I also need to eat tomorrow, and $1800 doesn’t go far when you don’t even have a wall to your name.

The neighbors decided to drop by, with the customary fruit cake. Why do they always have fruit cake. I can’t stand the stuff, but I guess I’ll stomach it. I’ll likely need a lot of help from the neighbors, and it’ll be a fair bit easier if they don’t hate me off the bat.

This one neighbor, Alice, started flirting with me out of the blue. She’s not even single, by her own admission, and her husband is standing about 3 feet behind me. I know I just said I would try to make sure the neighbors don’t hate me, but… She is kinda cute, and nobody seems to care, so might as well?

While I was at work I got a call from someone named Bjorn asking if I wanted to join a club called the Garden Gnomes? They’re an outdoorsy kind of group from the sounds of it, and I’ve wanted to get into gardening for, let’s say, recreational purposes. Sure, why not. Right after Moira Fyres called asking if I wanted to go to their meeting. I couldn’t get there on time, because work, but I did make it before it ended, and we spent most of the time fishing. It was nice!

I got this weird call from a lawyer while I was at the club gathering, though. They said that my… very distant cousin’s friend’s grandpa died and left me some money? It was weird. They said there were conditions attached. I asked what they were because I’m kind of broke and can’t afford some weird nonsense happening, but they said that since I’d asked there wouldn’t be any conditions? Whatever, that’s $2500 in my pocket, I won’t question anything until the cops do.


Kristeil (Founder)

Second day at work! For right now I’m just keeping my head down and working, trying to get a bigger paycheck out of it. Seems like there’s a lot of upward mobility possible here, which is a nice change of pace.

So, after work I’ve been selling some paintings to collectors for some spare cash. Doesn’t even pay for the canvas for now, but it does help keep work expenses down at least. I’m starting to develop a name for myself in the art world though, which is kind of surprising? Paintings are selling for more, which is a nice plus. I’m hoping this doesn’t make me too weird, though…

One of the neighbors told me about this app called Social Bunny that everyone here uses to keep in touch. I don’t generally go for social media much, but it seems to be localized to just our area? I haven’t seen anyone else there, at least.

One of the neighbors, though, is a bit weird. Called me, and he just… I dunno, something sounded off. He also came over late one night, and then when I kicked him out at 6 or 7 he smoked all the way to the road. I’ll keep an eye on him.



I decided to grab a book to learn a bit about handiwork around the house. Stuff’s gonna start breaking down eventually, especially since basically all of it’s used, and I’d like to be prepared to take it on.

I’ve also been hearing talk of magic people around the town. I’m teetering on the edge of looking into it a bit more, or just kind of writing it off as just superstitions. I’ve gotten a few names of the magic people, though, so I could always try finding them.



So, I’ve discovered an… interesting shop near my house. They said it was called a Head Shop, they’re the places where you get dubiously legal items that are 100% for tobacco use only. I got a mixed bag of “tobacco” starters to plant, because I want to try growing my own stuff at home. After I got home I spent most of the rest of the day just planting them. I ended up overhanging the roof a little bit over the house, so that should help with them growing no matter the season. Eventually I want to set up a greenhouse for plants, not just weed.



I’m kind of getting bored. All I seem to have time for now is sleeping, eating, and working. Thankfully the weekend is coming up, so I should be able to get in some trouble then.

So, after work Alice called me and asked me on a date. She’s said a couple of times that she’s been getting bored with her marriage, and wanted to move on, but I just… I don’t know. I guess I’ll go on the date and see how things go, since the other concern with these kinds of situations is what happens when she gets bored here, y’know? But I don’t have much to lose, so… may as well.

The date got off to a rough start, but we had a good time by the end of it. She did spend a lot of time in the bathroom though, which was kind of strange, but it went well enough all things considered.

After the date was over, and I’d gone home for the night, Alice called me again and asked me to go to a party with her. While I’m not opposed, I was also tired and still kind of embarrassed for trying to flirt with her at the start of the date. I’d assumed she’d be okay with it, given, y’know, she’d asked me out, but. Guess not.



I decided to invite Alice over to hang out, since we did kinda get on at the date yesterday, even if we didn’t get romantically too close. After talking for a while it came out that she didn’t mind it, but didn’t know exactly how she felt at the start of the date. We talked for a bit, then that moved onto flirting, and… well, we did… the do.

After a bit more talking, she uhh. She lives here now? We’re not dating, but she’s definitely here, and I’d definitely like to at some point, but. Yeah. She lives here. Alice

So, Kristeil and I fucked. A lot. For a long time. It invited me over, and we ended up hitting it off pretty well. The date was very awkward to start, but it seems sweet, and I’m always down to change things up. We’ll see where this road takes me, I’ll be calling Eric tonight to ask for a divorce. I’m sure he expected this, given that I was flirting with it right in front of him at the housewarming party. Plus it was a marriage of convenience for the both of us anyway. He’s getting full custody of the child, which was his idea anyway. I like kids, I’m just not quite ready for them yet y’know?

Oh well, c’est la vie. Dad will likely be disappointed, but he’ll get through.

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